Homeopathic Medicine


What is Homeopathic Medicine?

It is not a Question.

Ho-me-op-a-thy \ n. (homoios, like, similar, and pathos, feeling) the system of curing disease using a remedy which heals what it causes.

It is not a Definition.

It is an Option.

It is medicine that works with you to restore you to health.

It is an Answer. Ancient and elegant, and proven.

Perhaps it is the Answer for you.



Successful Treatment

Most people seek homeopathic medicine with me after trying many other forms of treatment and still are not well. I specialize in cases that have not responded to other interventions, including prior homeopathic treatment.

As a well-trained and experienced practitioner, I understand that while my ability to prescribe accurately is crucial, of equal  importance is the ability to provide proper case management. The best remedy in the world is worthless unless a patient’s case is managed effectively. Due to my expertise in this area, colleagues have often consulted me for case management advice.

You, your family, and your animals can benefit from homeopathic medicine:

  • if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, depression or other emotional problems
  • if you have allergies, Lyme disease, arthritis, digestive and respiratory complaints, and most other physical complaints
  • if you do not have any diagnosis or physical discomfort but simply do not enjoy your life in the way you would like.
  • if you have used homeopathy before and experienced so-so or no result.
  • A most enjoyable part of my practice is my work with animals. If you have a cat, dog, or horse who has persistent behavioral problems or is recovering from injury or other trauma, homeopathy works well.



How Homeopathy Works

Homeopathic Medicine is based on
a very simple principle.

“Like cures like.”

Homeopathic medicine restores the sick to health, and does not merely cover up the symptoms.

Traditional medicine says that a person is sick because he has a sore throat.

Homeopathic medicine says that a person has a sore throat because he is sick.

Homeopathic medicine is no more a “New Age” practice than quantum physics and can treat a broad range of physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions facing us today, some of which include: ADHD, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, behavioral problems in animals, behavioral, emotional, developmental disorders in children and adults, chronic-fatigue syndrome, depression, digestive problems, Lyme disease, menopausal complaints and other hormonal problems in men and women, pre- and post- operative care, PTSD, relationship/family dysfunction, respiratory/allergy complaints, and other chronic, unresponsive complaints, to name a few.

Homeopathic medicine uses specifically prepared remedies, as they are called, to treat a person’s whole being, their constitution. Remedies are made from various substances – from animals, plants, even minerals. Through special preparation the raw substances are potentized and diluted to extract their maximum benefit. The remedy helps the person “remember” its state of health, “remember” its own individual Vital Force.

“Remember” being well.

Remedies are developed through a process called Proving, the equivalent of the clinical trials used to develop pharmaceutical drugs. Potential remedies are administered to healthy humans over an extended period of time using a double-blind method, without expectation as to outcome. Extensive data is kept on each symptom produced by the remedy. Quinine, the “Newton’s apple” of homeopathy, was the first remedy proven in this manner.

Telephone Consultations

I am often asked how I am able to treat people without seeing them. When I first began to practice homeopathy in 1997 it was uncommon, though not unusual to do so by telephone. Though working remotely is now common in most fields, I am still one of only a few U.S. homeopaths who conduct telephone consultations. The use of skype is always an option, though I prefer to listen to a person’s voice – to hear what is said, and not said, along with speech patterns, mannerisms, as well as content. One of my strengths and training is listening.

On the practical side, doing telephone consultations allows me to treat people wherever they are, and to provide a convenient, distraction-free sessions. After we schedule your appointment, you do not have to fight traffic, sit in a waiting room, take the kids out of school, etc. You make the call from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever phone service is reliable and private. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

The exception is the treatment of animals – I prefer to see them in their natural environment for the first consultation, though when that is not possible,  skype, video and/or photos work well.

As a trained listener and experienced, advanced homeopath  I connect with you at your place of health and listen through your symptoms.



Directional Path Work

I have upgraded my practice to include a more comprehensive approach for patient support. My patients have been asking for personal consultation to enhance their homeopathic prescription. I now offer private, customized, sessions I call Directional Path Work. I developed this work to be a type of “life direction,” which incorporates counseling, coaching and other healing techniques as they apply. Directional Path Work is a no-nonsense approach to the challenges of rapid-evolution initiated by my prescriptions of a homeopathic remedy. The fast-track Directional Path Work is available exclusively for active patients experiencing the demands of advanced, homeopathic medicine under my care. Sessions may be scheduled regularly in addition to Follow-up sessions, or on an as-needed basis.



Contact Information

Consultations are by appointment. A free, brief consultation is available prior to scheduling an appointment. The free consultation is a time to ask general questions about the practice, philosophy, or to just learn more before scheduling an appointment.

The first session is called the Initial Consultation. The Initial Consultation is an in-depth telephone interview which may last up to an hour or slightly longer. A Follow-up appointment is a 20-30 minute appointment scheduled every six weeks, or more often if requested.

Office Hours and Contact Information

Tuesday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment. To schedule a consultation, please call during office hours. Responses to messages occur within one business day.



Fee & Payment Information

Fees are due at time of service using PayPal, available below. Twenty-four hours cancellation is required to avoid full charge for a missed appointment.

Initial Consultation $425.00
Follow-up Appointments $135.00
Acute treatment patients $85.00+ depending on follow-up
Directional Path Work $135.00 for the first 20 minutes,
plus $2.00 per minute after
Acute prescriptions for non-current patients $135.00+




I earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Syracuse University in 1982 and completed four years of full-time study of classical homeopathy with Vega Rozenberg. Other homeopaths with whom I attended seminars are Jeremy Sherr, Lou Klein, and Misha Norland. I began private practice in 1997.  Before settling in western Massachusetts in 2007 in my native New England, I lived in many places in the U.S.

It is my hope that my work incorporates the instructions of Samuel Hahnemann to understand disease and the medicine, and that my prescriptions succeed because I  possess a thorough familiarity with each patient as a whole. I believe that over the years I have developed the ability to perceive accurately complicated cases, to listen without judgment to find the correct simillimum and to practice homeopathic medicine with great care, clarity and success.




The following are links to products and services that may compliment your healing.

Sources for remedies:

www.bookonhealing.com  – for LM potencies

www.hahnemannlabs.com – the Bay Area in CA

www.homeopathyworks.com – D.C.

www.remedia.at – Austria for reliable delivery to Italy and Europe

Sources in NYC: Bigelow Pharmacy and Willner’s


  • Coherent Healing – Matt DiLorenzo, distance healing
  • Natural Eye Care – Dr. Marc Grossman, alternative approach to eyecare, can work by phone with recent eye exam. He also has two offices in the New York City area.
  • Rising Sun Healing – Betty Moore-Hafter is a highly-skilled expert in the Emotional Freedom Technique. She provides telephone sessions and on-site sessions.


  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Simple to learn, and the site provides good information and direction. Highly recommended.
  • The Work of Byron Katie is a very user-friendly cognitive tool which can be downloaded and done on your own. She has written several books and does workshops and trainings.
  • Oil Pulling. Though this technique seems odd, it is recommended by periodonists and dentists


  • Tooth Soap® – Tooth Soap is a radical approach to oral hygiene. The site is full of information and the products are wonderful.
  • www.roseofsharonacres – another source for tooth soaps