Most people seek homeopathic medicine with me after trying many other forms of treatment and still are not well. I specialize in cases that have not responded to other interventions, including prior homeopathic treatment.

As a well-trained and experienced practitioner, I understand that while my ability to prescribe accurately is crucial, of equal  importance is the ability to provide proper case management. The best remedy in the world is worthless unless a patient’s case is managed effectively. Due to my expertise in this area, colleagues have often consulted me for case management advice.

You, your family, and your animals can benefit from homeopathic medicine:

  • if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, depression or other emotional problems
  • if you have allergies, Lyme disease, arthritis, digestive and respiratory complaints, and most other physical complaints
  • if you do not have any diagnosis or physical discomfort but simply do not enjoy your life in the way you would like.
  • if you have used homeopathy before and experienced so-so or no result.
  • A most enjoyable part of my practice is my work with animals. If you have a cat, dog, or horse who has persistent behavioral problems or is recovering from injury or other trauma, homeopathy works well.