I am often asked how I am able to treat people without seeing them. When I first began to practice homeopathy in 1997 it was uncommon, though not unusual to do so by telephone. Though working remotely is now common in most fields, I am still one of only a few U.S. homeopaths who conduct telephone consultations. The use of skype is always an option, though I prefer to listen to a person’s voice – to hear what is said, and not said, along with speech patterns, mannerisms, as well as content. One of my strengths and training is listening.

On the practical side, doing telephone consultations allows me to treat people wherever they are, and to provide a convenient, distraction-free sessions. After we schedule your appointment, you do not have to fight traffic, sit in a waiting room, take the kids out of school, etc. You make the call from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever phone service is reliable and private. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

The exception is the treatment of animals – I prefer to see them in their natural environment for the first consultation, though when that is not possible,  skype, video and/or photos work well.

As a trained listener and experienced, advanced homeopath  I connect with you at your place of health and listen through your symptoms.