The following are links to products and services that may compliment your healing.

Sources for remedies:  – for LM potencies – the Bay Area in CA – D.C. – Austria for reliable delivery to Italy and Europe

Sources in NYC: Bigelow Pharmacy and Willner’s


  • Coherent Healing – Matt DiLorenzo, distance healing
  • Natural Eye Care – Dr. Marc Grossman, alternative approach to eyecare, can work by phone with recent eye exam. He also has two offices in the New York City area.
  • Rising Sun Healing – Betty Moore-Hafter is a highly-skilled expert in the Emotional Freedom Technique. She provides telephone sessions and on-site sessions.


  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Simple to learn, and the site provides good information and direction. Highly recommended.
  • The Work of Byron Katie is a very user-friendly cognitive tool which can be downloaded and done on your own. She has written several books and does workshops and trainings.
  • Oil Pulling. Though this technique seems odd, it is recommended by periodonists and dentists


  • Tooth Soap® – Tooth Soap is a radical approach to oral hygiene. The site is full of information and the products are wonderful.
  • www.roseofsharonacres – another source for tooth soaps