Homeopathic Medicine is based on
a very simple principle.

“Like cures like.”

Homeopathic medicine restores the sick to health, and does not merely cover up the symptoms.

Traditional medicine says that a person is sick because he has a sore throat.

Homeopathic medicine says that a person has a sore throat because he is sick.

Homeopathic medicine is no more a “New Age” practice than quantum physics and can treat a broad range of physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions facing us today, some of which include: ADHD, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, behavioral problems in animals, behavioral, emotional, developmental disorders in children and adults, chronic-fatigue syndrome, depression, digestive problems, Lyme disease, menopausal complaints and other hormonal problems in men and women, pre- and post- operative care, PTSD, relationship/family dysfunction, respiratory/allergy complaints, and other chronic, unresponsive complaints, to name a few.

Homeopathic medicine uses specifically prepared remedies, as they are called, to treat a person’s whole being, their constitution. Remedies are made from various substances – from animals, plants, even minerals. Through special preparation the raw substances are potentized and diluted to extract their maximum benefit. The remedy helps the person “remember” its state of health, “remember” its own individual Vital Force.

“Remember” being well.

Remedies are developed through a process called Proving, the equivalent of the clinical trials used to develop pharmaceutical drugs. Potential remedies are administered to healthy humans over an extended period of time using a double-blind method, without expectation as to outcome. Extensive data is kept on each symptom produced by the remedy. Quinine, the “Newton’s apple” of homeopathy, was the first remedy proven in this manner.